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I am designing an html5 website for iPad. In the website there are 2 paragraphs as follows:

<section id="desc">             
  <p id="title-text"></p>
  <p id="alt-text"></p>

Whose text I want horizontally center of the screen. The text inside the "title-text" and "alt-text" will be filled dynamically at run-time by JavaScript and could change thus width and height have been set to auto and not a static value.

On setting width as auto, it takes the width of the section as well as that of paragraph to be 100%, thus

 margin:0 auto;

does not work.

I have tried


but it does not work in iPad Safari(works on desktop Safari).

Please Help! What should I do?

P.S.- Already tried the


and the < center > tag, which by the way is depreciated in HTML5, but to no avail.

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Make an jsfiddle.net that shows your issue –  Michael Robinson Feb 24 '12 at 10:43
Here you go Michael Robinson but I do not know how it is going to help as the processing will be done by the jsfiddle engine instead of the iPad. jsfiddle.net/ZRXRH Note: the ABC and XYZ is random text and will be replaced by actual data using JavaScript. –  sarveshs Feb 24 '12 at 12:17

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