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I want to check if the content of a variable is an number or array. is_array(), is_int(), is_numeric() don't really work. Currently I'm using myArray[1] which seems to work. But I'm wondering why one of this function cannot do this for me?


It seems that I had something like myArray['id'] as content and this always is an array.

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...a number 13 is an array? You mean is_array( 13 ) === true? – Juhana Feb 24 '12 at 10:05
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$array = is_array(13) ? "yes" : "no";
$int = is_int(13) ? "yes" : "no";
$numeric = is_numeric(13) ? "yes" : "no";

echo $array."\n", $int."\n", $numeric."\n";

Replies with


As expected, so I'm not really sure what the issue is here!

It's perhaps worth noting that if you run:

$array = is_array("13") ? "yes" : "no";
$int = is_int("13") ? "yes" : "no";
$numeric = is_numeric("13") ? "yes" : "no";

echo $array."\n", $int."\n", $numeric."\n";

The response is:


Which again is as you'd expect - a string and a number aren't represented as arrays.

Running gettype like this:

echo gettype(13);

shows it is an integer.

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this is not a real question. is_array() obviously returns false for the number 13

Got any real problem?

Though PHP can let you access numbers 1 and 3 from a variable contains number 13 using the same syntax used to access array members, it doesn't make an array out of integer. It is merely a "syntax sugar".

You have to verify your impressions before starting to write a question.

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Sorry. I still have to learn. – testing Feb 24 '12 at 10:39

Are you sure?

$myNumber = 13;

$myArray = array("test" => "data");

if(is_array($myNumber)) {
    echo "myNumber is an array!";
    if(is_numeric($myNumber)) {
        echo "myNumber is not an array, but it is a number!";

I get myNumber is not an array, but it is a number!

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You can use gettype function.

$type = gettype($variable);
if ( $type == 'array' ) {
  // it's an array
} else if ( $type == 'integer' ) {
  // it's an integer
} else {
  // it's a trap !
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From the German gettype documentation (loosely translated): Warning Never use gettype to check for a certain type, because the returned string may be changed in the future. Furthermore this method is slow because it involves string comparison. Use the is_*-functions instead. – Basti Feb 24 '12 at 10:10

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