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In NetBeans I want to get correct way to get the file path of the currently opened project. I need it for creating a plugin to NetBeans. I need to acquire the path by querying or by using any commands in command prompt.

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I think what you are looking for is org.netbeans.api.project.ui.OpenProjects.

Take note that there can be more than one project opened at a time and also read the "Warning" part in the OpenProjects documentation for alternative approaches.

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If you are looking for the file path, use this:

TopComponent activeTC = TopComponent.getRegistry().getActivated();
DataObject dataLookup = activeTC.getLookup().lookup(DataObject.class);
String filePath = FileUtil.toFile(dataLookup.getPrimaryFile()).getAbsolutePath();

That will give you the path for the file that is currently selected.

If you want to get the path of the Main Project, you can use this: (taken from the answer here)

Lookup lookup = Utilities.actionsGlobalContext(); 
Project project = lookup.lookup(Project.class);
FileObject projectDir = project.getProjectDirectory();
String projectLocation = projectDir.getPath();

The issue using this is that unless you've explicitly selected a given project right before running this code, it does not see any project as the main project.

Therefore, after setting the project with Project project = lookup.lookup(Project.class);, I would check to see if it is null, and if it is, use the first block of code above to get the current file path instead.

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