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Is there any JVM parameter or configuration to print how much time taken by each thread in Java?

It's not possible for me to go in each Servlet and get start/end time of method execution and then print difference.

Please suggest me any good idea which can be implemented once and reflect in all over the application.

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Did you consider using a profiler for this purpose? see this other question – UmNyobe Feb 24 '12 at 10:24
What is the use case? Why do you want this? Logging, profiling, monitoring etc – Pavan Feb 24 '12 at 10:28
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If you want to trace your threads activity using JVM command line you can use -Xrunhprof.

For example :

java -Xrunhprof:file=dump.hprof,thread=y,monitor=y Main

Then take a look at the file dump.hprof, it's a bit hard to read but you can obtain accurate informations.

Also see :

java -Xrunhprof:help

If you need the list of all the options.

Hope it can help.

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ThreadMXBean might be a good place to start if you can add your code to do it.

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