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Possible Duplicate:
Create Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) file from C#

I have an array of bytes which is originally created from 2 array of bytes, splitted by another array of bytes. something like this:

 Byte[] ArrayFirst = File.ReadAllBytes("file1.exe");
 Byte[] ArraySeconde = File.ReadAllBytes("file2.exe");
 Byte[] filesplit = Encoding.Default.GetBytes("<<SPLITTER>>");

I combined then these arrays of bytes using a fonction which i created, it simply append the given array of bytes to the EOF of another array, Like this

 AppendAllBytes("file1.exe", filesplit);
 AppendAllBytes("file1.exe", File.ReadAllBytes("file2.exe"));

Now in the file1.exe i have ( Bytes of file1.exe + Bytes of Filesplit + Bytes of File2.exe ) Right?

What i want to do now is to create a function which let me extract exactly the array of bytes of File2.exe by seeking all the bytes of the entire file, and then return to me an array of bytes that starts right after the file split! (Because bytes of file2.exe are added to the EOF after filesplit)

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What have you tried so far? Where are you stuck? Oh btw if any file contains the same bytes as your spliter its impossible to revert your join operation. – Piotr Auguscik Feb 24 '12 at 10:35
and what about if file1 includes the phrase "<<SPLITTER>>" at some point? When dealing with binary, using a fixed sequence to perform framing is very dangerous. I advise you: embed the offsets or lengths instead - i.e. "[length of fragment 1 as network-byte-order uint32][fragment 1]...[length of fragment n as network-byte-order uint32][fragment n]" – Marc Gravell Feb 24 '12 at 10:36
I want to do this in order to create a self decrypting exe, a file which exctract an array of bytes from the its EOF and write it to another file, PS: In the example above, we suggest that the bytes of spliter are unique in the entire file. – Rafik Bari Feb 24 '12 at 10:38
You cannot arbitrarily jam bytes into an EXE. It is not just a blob of bytes, it has a structure with headers and sections. You'll have to read up on the PE32 file format. – Hans Passant Feb 24 '12 at 10:54
then.... you're going to have to loop until you find a match... this isn't going to work as an exe, though; you can't just append arbitrary content and expect it to still work – Marc Gravell Feb 24 '12 at 10:54

This will be a wrong approach as your splitter too can be part of your byte array. A better solution is; you create a class

class MyFiles
    List<byte[]> ListOfFiles {get; set;}

Then instead of appending byte arrays add byte arrays to list object

void AddToMyFiles(byte[] file)

Now serialize to combine your data and deserialize to extract your data

BinaryFormatter bf = new BinaryFormatter();

void AppendAllBytes(Stream outputStream)
    bf.Serialize(outputStream, _listOfFiles);     

MyFiles GetMyFiles()
    return bf.Deserialize(inputStream) as MyFiles;  

And ofcourse you can try any format for serialization according to your need.

I have not tested this code. That is in your plate ;)

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