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I am trying to use regex to remove @tags from a string in python however when i try to do this

str = ' you @warui  and @madawar '
h = re.search('@\w*',str,re.M|re.I)
print h.group()

It outputs only the first @tag.


and when i try it on http://regexr.com?304a6 it works

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re.search() will only match one occurrence of the pattern. If you want to find more, try using re.findall().

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"to use regex to remove @tags from a string"

import re

text = ' you @warui  and @madawar '
stripped_text = re.sub(r'@\w+', '', text)
# stripped_text == ' you   and  '

or do you want to extract them?

import re

text = ' you @warui  and @madawar '
tags = re.findall(r'@\w+', text)
# tags == ['@warui', '@madawar']

A @tag is defined as @ followed by at least one alphanumeric character, that's why @\w+ is better than @\w*. Also you don't need to modify the case-sensitiveness, because \w matches both lower and upper characters.

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If you really wants to remove the tags you probably also want to use r'@\w+\W' to strip the unnecessary trailing whitespace of a tag. –  Kimvais Feb 24 '12 at 10:56
@Kimvais - although this not a bad idea, it might need a little bit more logic to be built correctly: hello @world, how are you? -> hello , how are you? (hello, how are you? would be a better result) –  eumiro Feb 24 '12 at 11:01
better to strip the leading whitespace then :) r'\W@\w+' –  Kimvais Feb 24 '12 at 11:19
import re
s = ' you @warui  and @madawar '
for h in re.findall('@\w*',s,re.M|re.I):
  print h




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