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I have Mac mini with 10.3.9 OS I have downloaded Xcode 1.5 SDK for development.

I am very new in Iphone I don't know more about Iphone. Can I write Iphone application Inside the this version of the XCODE 1.5

I have searched on the Google for the reference link but not got any. My main concern is that can we write application for Iphone in Xcode 1.5 because it is very old OS.

I have to use Phonegap but their they on their site they have mention that for using the the phone gap 1.5 we have to use mac os leopard 10.6. so is their any lower version of phone gap available for Xcode 1.5

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Nope, Xcode 3.1 was the first version to offer iOS development.

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so before that their is no development available for the IOS. because I have MAC 10.3.9 panther so in that no IOS development possible. – mayur rahatekar Feb 24 '12 at 10:56
@mayurrahatekar No, iOS wasn't around until 10.5. – Lucas Derraugh Feb 24 '12 at 10:59

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