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If I have a table with data in a database in SQL Server, how can I generate a script that will create the table and add the data too?

If I right click on the table then select Script Table As > Create to > File, that generates a script to just create the table without the data. What I need is a script that creates the table and adds the data that is already existing in the table or 2 separate scripts, one that creates the table and one that adds the data.

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Here what you have to do:

  1. right click the database (not the table) and select tasks --> generate scripts
  2. Next --> select the requested table/tables (from select specific database objects)
  3. next --> click advanced --> types of data to script = schema and data
  4. next and finish
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Use SSMS scripting feature (Rightclick on database->Tasks->Generate Scripts)


use SSMS Tools Pack

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