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I use JW Player.

I would like to execute a javascript function which load a DHTML Pop when you click on the logo.

Here my config :

    flashplayer: '/inc/player.swf',
    file: 'video.flv',
       file: 'logo.png',
       hide: 'false',
       position: 'bottom-right',
       linktarget: '_self',
       margin: '10',
       over: '1',
    wmode: 'transparent',
    height: 534,
    width: 712,
    controlbar: 'bottom',
    autostart: true,
    mute: false,
    volume: 40,
    stretching: 'fill',
    backcolor: '000000',
    lightcolor: 'fad3e4',
    frontcolor: 'fad3e4',
    screencolor: '000000'


The function is contained on an external JS file. Usually, i use this function in an a href like this :

<a href="javascript:inko_popdhtml_normal_clic.afficher();">text here</a>

Have a solution ? Thank you.

Regards. Aurélien.

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logo is a programming language tag at SO. If you think referring to graphical logo is essential, add graphical-logo. – Alexey Kukanov Feb 24 '12 at 21:00

If I understood your question correctly, you want to know how to use that function when the logo is clicked, which you usually do with href. I know 2 ways to do it:

Either use a onClick attribut on your ellement, for example

<img src="logo" onClick="inko_popdhtml_normal_clic.afficher();">

or use JQuery:

$('your logo's element id').click(function(){
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Hello, i woulkd like to use the function in the logo on JW PLAYER :) – Piskorski Aurélien Feb 25 '12 at 11:34

An older topic but found this while I was searching for this same solution myself. This is a function in the JWplayer video player where you can add a watermark to an image and add a link to the image. To make the image link to a javascript function it would be:

    file: 'logo.png',
    link: 'javascript:functionHere()'
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