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I use eclipse to develop in Java, because it has a lots of useful features. Some frequently used are "Open Declaration" and "Open Call hierarchy".

Open Declaration - If i use somewhere some function i just press F3 (hotkey) and get the file with cursor pointed to its definition.

Call Hierarchy - shows the tree of calls this method.

For programming on clojure i use emacs as IDE.

I'm interested if Emacs support such functionality or exists some plugins to add this?

Note: I can perform regex search on method name to find definition but it not always gives unique results.

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As a substitute for Open Declaration, you can enter (source function-name) in the repl. e.g. (source println) and it will print the source for you. It only works on functions that have been loaded from a file though. – Bill Feb 24 '12 at 12:12
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In emacs with SLIME/swank-clojure, you can go to the definition of a var (including function declarations) by pressing M-. which calls slime-edit-definition

There's also a slime-who-calls function under C-c C-w C-c which may be some kind of substitute for call hierarchy

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Outstanding! M-. - exactly what i need, but call hierarchy working a bit strange. – mishadoff Feb 24 '12 at 12:58

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