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I have installed Vertrigo Server with [Apache 2.0] & [PHP 5.2.14] on Windows XP X32 but Vertrigo server doesn't includes OCI8.DLL extension for Oracle Database. When I tried to copy this DLL file from another version of PHP I got Apache error:

[v_apache.exe]: The application cannot start because php5.dll is missing.

Without this DLL file everything is wokrking OK, but I need to connect with oracle Database. Have you any solutions how to add OCI8.DLL extension in that version of PHP and Apache?


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Simpliest way is to use Zend Server CE. It has latest stable apache with latest stable PHP stack, also with oci libraries (and much more).

Download for free (registration required).

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After long time searching over the internet finaly I found soltion for it. Strange is that Apache doesn't alert error about real problem, it just says that problem is with 80 port, even when 80 port is free.

Solution is very simle: I just installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package and after averithing was running correctly.

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