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Looking for easiest way to do the following:

  • I have created 10,000 unique QR-codes, with unique filenames.
  • I have one postcard design (.ai, eps, pdf - doesn't matter) with place holder for the qr code and for a the unique filename (sans .png extension).

How would I go about inserting each of the 10.000 png's into 10,000 copies of the pdf files? (and I need to do the same with the unique filename /textstring that represents each QR code).

since I am really no good with programming it' doesn't matter which tools to use. As long as you hold my hand - or there is a link to a beginners documentation.

however: I am trying to learn python - so that is preferred. I work a little bit with R - but that will not be the easiest solution. If this can be done directly from the terminal with a shell script then halliluja :-)

But really - if you know of a solution - then please post it, regardless of the tools.

Thanks in advance.

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You can do it in Python using pyPdf to merge documents.
Basically, you create a PDF with your QRCode placed where you want it in the end.

You can use the (c)StringIO module to store the created PDF file in memory.

You can find pyPDF here; there's an example that shows how you would add a watermark to a file, you should be following the same logic.

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Haven't done it yet - but this looks really good. Will accept for now. Thanks a lot Thomas. – Andreas Feb 27 '12 at 10:36

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