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I need to find a text from a paragraph using java script. Is there any code in JavaScript like we do in c# to find a text using "string.Contains("")" method.

Pls help...

Thanks Guys..

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You can use str.search()

It will return the position of match and -1 if not found


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equivalent of string.Contains("") is indexOf (returns -1 if subString doesnt exist in a string).

you can do :

var myString = "foo";
var myParagraphText = $('#myParagraphId').text();

if(myParagraphText.indexOf(myString) != -1){
    //myParagraphText contains myString
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thanks for ur reply can you pls provide me a brief code. so that it is helpful to me. –  Arun Feb 24 '12 at 12:16
i edited my answer with an example –  Mouna Cheikhna Feb 24 '12 at 12:22

you can use string.indexOf("text") method which will return index of the "text" in the "string", return -1 if the text not found in the string.

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var n = $('p').text();
var regex = new RegExp('text to search for', "i");
if(regex.exec(n) != null) {
  // text found
} else {
  //text not found
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Use the search() function

If it returns -1, the string is not present Non-negative number means, string is present

var str="hello there";
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For searching text inside a block element .

var str="your block"
str.search("text to find");

str.indexOf("text to find"); 

return the index of the text

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