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I have a dll written in c++. now i need to call the functions in the dll from a html page.

I have done this by calling the dll in vbscript (Activex) so that i can run the only in IE.

Now i need to run this on Chrome as well as Firefox.

What i have to do, whether i have to write in javascript simply or need to develop any extensions for that ?

can anyone give a solution with a simple demo for this?

Thanks in advance.

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You have no change until you create non-portable extension for all browsers.

Firefox allows you to create XPI extension aka "addon"

Chrome has extensions

There is no cross platform solution for DLL files, however, you can try to create flash or java applet, which will interact with your DLL, it can be "portable" enough for you.

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If you want to rewrite it to support NPAPI, an easy way is to use the FireBreath framework. It gives you an abstraction over the plugin architectures, is cross-platform and allows you to support NPAPI and ActiveX from one source base.

But then again i am biased, so if you want to do it manually instead, here are some starting points:

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You can write an NPAPI plugin for both Mozilla and Chrome. Or you can use Firebreath plugin, but there may arise some dependency issue.

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Thanks for answers friends.

I got another solution. I wrote signed applets to call dll that runs from a html or any web application. It almost run on all browsers.

Here is the link for sample


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