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I have a little question. i have a data template like that :

    <DataTemplate x:Key="DangersItemTemplate">
        <Grid Height="102" Width="447" Tap="Grid_Tap">
            <Image Name="image" Source="{Binding Image}" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Width="90" />
            <TextBlock Name="text" Text="{Binding Nom}" TextWrapping="Wrap" Margin="102,16,16,22"/>

i wanna use the Textlock control in the CSharp code to passe the Text property to the second xaml page, but ican't find the name of the control, it's inaccessible.

any idea ?

thank you

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Your binding the Text of the TextBlock so you must have the value in your datacontext. I'd add this value to the Querystirng and navigate to the page.

var text = ((Whatever) DataContext).Nom;
string page2Uri = string.Foramt("/PAge2.xaml?Nom={0}", text);
NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri(page2Uri, UriKind.Relative));

And then to get the data out of the querystring you can use the OnNavigatedTo method in your page, and then inspect this.NavigationContext.QueryString["nom"]

Or have a look into something like the MVVM pattern.

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I just use VB.Net but I am sure you can convert. Just use any shared variable in the application. Here you can see it in an SourceCode example:


Just use Public Shared MyText As String in Application Class. This vairable you can access anywhere. You can also use INotifyPropertyChanged for that shared property to bind.

Alternatively you can use Navigation Query. Read more here:

How can I pass query string variables with NavigationService.Navigate?

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