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I am using liferay-ui:tabs and whenever i am clicking on either of the tab, the entire page gets refreshed. I didn't wanted the page to get refreshed. So, I tried this using liferay-ui:section tag and setting "refresh" attribute of liferay-ui:tabs to false. But doing this way, i found that when the portlet is loaded for the first time, contents of all the tabs are also loaded simultaneously which decreases the performance factor. Here is my code:

 <liferay-ui:tabs names="<%= tabs %>" refresh="false" param="selectedTab">
    <liferay-ui:section >
        <liferay-util:include page="/html/resourceurlajax/sample_tab_1.jsp" servletContext="<%=this.getServletContext() %>" />

        <liferay-util:include page="/html/resourceurlajax/sample_tab_2.jsp" servletContext="<%=this.getServletContext() %>" />

        <liferay-util:include page="/html/resourceurlajax/sample_tab_3.jsp" servletContext="<%=this.getServletContext() %>" />

I tried to implement this using jQuery by keeping liferay-ui:tabs in div element and then clicking on div#id element, i tried to get the name of clicked tab. But this is showing "jQuery not defined" type of error, whereas jQuery is working with toggle() function. I found that when running jQuery code in fireBug console, i got the alert onClick of tab with respective tab name, but otherwise it is showing error.

Here is the code using jQuery.

 <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.5/jquery.min.js"></script> 
 <script type="text/javascript">


<div id="<portlet:namespace/>ajax-tabs-demo">
<liferay-ui:tabs names="<%= tabs %>" refresh="false" param="selectedTab">


Is there any way to implement this using ajax(if i get clicked tab name or tab-id), So that when i click on tab, content of only that tab gets loaded with out refresh. Please give me suggestions on how to do this.Please help me. Thank You.

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I am new to liferay but recently I have implemented AJAX in IPC using Liferay.fire and Liferay.on(Client Side IPC). I am successfully achieved the functionality of AJAX. Here are some link for this. May be it helps you...



So you can try to implement this on the click of tab as you have tab (in my case i have button). Hope this might help you to resolve your problem.

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