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When I try to find last occurrence of "EndProject" in file, which looks like this: (this is original VS solution file, without any changes):

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 11.00
# Visual Studio 2010
Project("{8BC9CEB8-8B4A-11D0-8D11-00A0C91BC942}") = "ASO", "ASO\ASO.vcxproj", "{574117CD-377D-4C5A-8B6C-B0EAFF8CE158}"
Project("{8BC9CEB8-8B4A-11D0-8D11-00A0C91BC942}") = "asdfasdf", "asdfasdf\asdfasdf.vcxproj", "{05527F0D-4B98-4A55-B038-3C60005566CB}"
    GlobalSection(SolutionConfigurationPlatforms) = preSolution
        Debug|Win32 = Debug|Win32
        Release|Win32 = Release|Win32
    GlobalSection(ProjectConfigurationPlatforms) = postSolution
        {574117CD-377D-4C5A-8B6C-B0EAFF8CE158}.Debug|Win32.ActiveCfg = Debug|Win32
        {574117CD-377D-4C5A-8B6C-B0EAFF8CE158}.Debug|Win32.Build.0 = Debug|Win32
        {574117CD-377D-4C5A-8B6C-B0EAFF8CE158}.Release|Win32.ActiveCfg = Release|Win32
        {574117CD-377D-4C5A-8B6C-B0EAFF8CE158}.Release|Win32.Build.0 = Release|Win32
        {05527F0D-4B98-4A55-B038-3C60005566CB}.Debug|Win32.ActiveCfg = Debug|Win32
        {05527F0D-4B98-4A55-B038-3C60005566CB}.Debug|Win32.Build.0 = Debug|Win32
        {05527F0D-4B98-4A55-B038-3C60005566CB}.Release|Win32.ActiveCfg = Release|Win32
        {05527F0D-4B98-4A55-B038-3C60005566CB}.Release|Win32.Build.0 = Release|Win32
    GlobalSection(SolutionProperties) = preSolution
        HideSolutionNode = FALSE

and I'm using:

auto end_of_project_manifest = project_file_contents.find_last_of("EndProject");//here project_file_contents is a string filed with contents of this file.

the result I'm getting is 1308, which is strange because this file has only 1313 chars in total. Surely there is something wrong but what?

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Possibly line ending characters getting expanded somewhere to \r\n ? – jcoder Feb 24 '12 at 13:13
Well, what you find if you print out the stuff at position 1308? Seems like there's a good deal of more debugging you could do before asking the question. – HexTree Feb 24 '12 at 13:13
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std::string::find_last_of() will find the last occurrence of any of the characters in the search string, not the last occurrence of the entire search string: in this case if finds the o in EndGlobal.

Use std::string::rfind() instead:

auto end_of_project_manifest = project_file_contents.rfind("EndProject");
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#hmjd great, this works as intended. On the other hand, it is bit misleading that find_last_of accepts string and yet searches for char. Anyway, will accept of course. – smallB Feb 24 '12 at 13:19
@smallB That's why it is called find_last_of -- it may be assumed, that an input is a set of elements to find. – Archie Feb 24 '12 at 13:38

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