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I want to change the Text of the browse button in the FileUpload Control (System.Web.UI.WebControls), instead of the [Browse...] text I want to use [...]

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This isn't technically possible for security purposes, so the user cannot be misled.

However, there are a couple of workarounds, although these require working with the raw HTML rather than the .NET server control - take a look at http://www.quirksmode.org/dom/inputfile.html for one example.

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This is old, but wanted to offer another solution. You can use jQuery on a standard HTML hyperlink and fire asp:FileUpload on click of the HREF. Just hide the asp:FileUpload at design and doctor the href any way you'd like.

Link - Attach File

asp:FileUpload -

Then the jQuery: $("#lnkAttachSOW").click(function () { $("#fuSOW").click(); });

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Some third party tools provide this option. For example, we use the Telerik Upload control:

Changing the text of the Browse/select button

Example of Rad Upload control

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You could use another button and java script to trigger upload browse button, Check this cute and simple solution How to change Text in FileUpload control

Hope this help.

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CSS work around to display customised text in file control instead of texts like Browse,Choose, Choose file,Select etc..


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This was how I did it in .NET using AsynchFileUpload and JavaScript...

<asp:Button ID="bUploadPicture" runat="server" Text="Upload Picture" OnClientClick="document.getElementById('<%=tFileUpload1.ClientID%>').click();return (false);" />

<div style="display:none;visibility:hidden;">
     <asp:AsyncFileUpload ID="tFileUpload1" runat="server" OnUploadedComplete="tFileUpload1_UploadedComplete" />

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