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Is it possible to assign channel custom fields to PHP array var?

Something like this:

{exp:channel:entries channel="challenges" require_entry="yes" limit="1" cache="yes" refresh="60"}

{reverse_related_entries id="week_stats"}
$i = 1;
$stats[$i]['fat'] = "{body_fat}";
$stats[$i]['weight'] = "{weight}";
$stats[$i]['biceps'] = "{bicep_left}";
$stats[$i]['chest'] = "{chest}";
$stats[$i]['thigh'] = "{thigh_left}"

<?php print_r($stats);?>

Of course PHP template parsing should be ON (output). I tried this but cant get it work with array??

Any tips?

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There are several things that could go/ are wrong here:

1) Since you're parsing on output if any tag data contains a quote '"' will break your PHP.

2) There's a semicolon missing after

$stats[$i]['thigh'] = "{thigh_left}"
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