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Previously, when I used Jersey on Grizzly, if I called an HTTP method that was not defined in Jersey annotations, it would return a 405 Method Not Allowed response and this was fine.

Now that I am running Jersey on Tomcat, the server returns Tomcat's specific 405 html page. How can I revert to simply sending the response with an empty body?

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You can configure a custom page in your webapp's web.xml:


Location can refer to an empty text file or JSP/Servlet/whatever fits your needs.

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As taken from this thread: http://jersey.576304.n2.nabble.com/how-to-catch-405-errors-td4937392.html

Create an exception mapper class like so:

public class MyMapper implements  
ExceptionMapper<WebApplicationException> {
   public Response toResponse(WebApplicationException e) {
     Response r = e.getResponse();
     if (r.getStatus() == 405) {
       return Response.fromResponse(r).entity(...).build();
     return r;

This allowed me to capture a 405 request and return a more helpful error resource that can be parsed by applications.

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