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After a user fills in a form but does not fill a required field the form is returned with the element in question with the error message - all the fields previously filled are filled out again but the data being entered has & instead of &.

How does zend populate a form that is submit and returned with user errors. How can i filter/run html_entity_decode on them.


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You can use Zend_Filter with a callback on a particular method to filter your field.

From the Zend documentation:


This filter allows you to use own methods in conjunction with Zend_Filter. You don't have to create a new filter when you already have a method which does the job.

Supported options for Zend_Filter_Callback The following options are supported for Zend_Filter_Callback:

callback: This sets the callback which should be used.

options: This property sets the options which are used when the callback is processed

So basically, your element filter would look like this:

$myElement->addFilter('Callback', array('callback' => array($this, 'myFilter')))

And in the same class, you can create a method named myFilter() that takes a $value parameter. This function can return html_entity_decode; for example. You could also use an inline function using PHP 5.3+: function($v){return(html_entity_decode($v);)}.

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