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My app has a couple of JS alerts and it seems to always display the page name like.


Is there a way to change the index.html to my App's name or custom text.


My App // Which replaces .index.html
alert("I am an alert box!");
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Like Simon said check out the notifications it's part of the phonegap API.

You call it like this -

Notification with options:

   "This is my Alert text!",
    callBackFunction, // Specify a function to be called 
    'Alert Title',
    ["Ok", "Awesome"]

function callBackFunction(b){
  if(b == 1){
    console.log("user said ok");
  else {
    console.log("user said Awesome");

A simple notification -

    "This is my Alert text!",
    callBackFunctionB, // Specify a function to be called 
    'Alert Title',
function callBackFunctionB(){

Hope that helps!

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I'll have to try this out later thanks! – Blynn Feb 24 '12 at 15:33
It's not showing anything, I tried by installing cordova-plugin-vibration and cordova-plugin-dialogs plugins for ios Application, any idea..?! – mavericks Oct 16 '15 at 10:22

To be able to test on both a desktop browser and PhoneGap application, I suggest to use a dynamic approach as such:

function showMessage(message, callback, title, buttonName) {

    title = title || "default title";
    buttonName = buttonName || 'OK';

    if(navigator.notification && navigator.notification.alert) {

            message,    // message
            callback,   // callback
            title,      // title
            buttonName  // buttonName

    } else {


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This is the best answer, supports BOTH desktop and PhoneGap! – JOM Mar 21 '13 at 14:25
Glad you found it useful @JOM! – Zorayr Apr 3 '13 at 21:54
Actually instead of invoke(callback) should be callback(). Otherwise you get error invoke is not defined – igo Jun 11 '13 at 14:11
That's correct @igo, invoke is actually a reusable method that I wrote somewhere else that only invokes callback if it's defined. – Zorayr Jun 11 '13 at 18:46

Use navigator.notfication.alert as you can provide your own title.

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