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Wanted to know which open source projects (eg blog engine.net, etc) is good to explore/read its source code.

The main purpose is to help a beginner ASP.NET /C# developer learn about how to code the presentation/business/data layers cleanly.

One ASP.NET for Webforms. Maybe another for ASP.NET MVC. Preferably for .NET Framework 3.5.

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I highly suggest viewing this post which list the best .net open source projects of 2008

Alternatively, Scott Gu (a must read for any .Net developer) commented on Microsoft's Web Platform Installer a tool which lets you easily install web platform components including a number of excellent and useful example sites.

Finally, for the ultimate example of cutting edge .NET 3.5 technology, check out the open source project called Nerd Diner. It is MS sponsored but still open source and was created to display the very best in .Net development practices.

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I didn't see this 2 projects in the list,

2 ASP.NET projects...

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The best way to develop your coding skills is to participate and contribute.

Here is an open source ERP solution "MixERP" that is based on ASP.net(C#) webforms and PostgreSQL being developed over at GitHub and is looking for contributions.

Go ahead, get your hands dirty and enjoy learning.

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