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I have a master page with the following vb code in the code file...

Public Sub Page_Load(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal E As EventArgs)

    If Not IsPostBack Then
        If Session("key") Is Nothing Then
            Session("key") = 0
            Session("key") = Session("key") + 1
        End If  
    End If

End Sub

This should write a number to the top of each page saying how many pages have been visited... It stays at zero all the time though.

Any ideas??

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Be sure to search your code in your master page and containing page for any Session.Abandon()

I ran into this problem a while back and didn't realise another developer had put that in.

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I've tested this and it works fine on my machine.

Ensure that your session timeout is set, otherwise it will expire resulting in Session("key") being set to 0 every Page_Load

Try adding the following to your web.config:

<sessionState timeout="120" />
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There is just type casting missing in the OP query.. –  Pankaj Feb 24 '12 at 15:13

Just off the top of my head:

Session state for other variables work correctly? Can you say Session("A") = "ABC" and retrieve that value from another page?

Anything returned from session is of type object - you may have to cast it, e.g. Session("Key") = (Session("Key") As Int) + 1.

LOL C#: Session["Key"] = ((int)Session["Key"]) + 1; - I'm staring to forget VB! Ha!

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