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How to show image on form like MessageBoxIcon.Stop image in WindowsFormsApplication in c# 2008

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You can use one of the icons from the SystemIcons class.

The linked MSDN article has an example.

It's not a very good example, as (a) it doesn't Dispose the Bitmap it creates, (b) it doesn't use try/finally to ensure the Graphics object it creates is Disposed in the event of an Exception, and (c) a button click event handler is not the right place to be drawing.

I would handle the Form's Paint event, and draw it as follows:

private void MyForm_Paint(object sender, System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs e)
    e.Graphics.DrawIcon(SystemIcons.Error, 16, 16);
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+1. Note: as it returns an Icon, a .ToBitmap(); would be required to get an actual Image. – ken2k Feb 24 '12 at 15:20
Joe : Thanks Mr. Joe, this is the great help to me and gave me some more knowledge. – Haider Ali Wajihi Feb 25 '12 at 12:33

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