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I have an MsBuild Build in TFS that is publishing a web zip package. This is the command line I am using:


It is working properly and it is also replacing in the web.config the parameters as expected. The only issue I am facing is the permissions applied to the package file. Right now the file is deployed into: * \myshare\myapp\ * And the folder is set with the permission: Everyone: full control The package inside the folder has the permission: TFSAdmin: full control and nothing else, so I can't open it or copy it ... Is there any way I can avoid that?

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Good question!! – Daniel Elliott Feb 24 '12 at 15:20

So far it seems that the problem can't be fix if not with a workaround. I have found an easy and simple workaround by executing in the workflow a batch file at the end of the build process. In the batch file I use the very old ICACLS to re-set the permissions:

ICACLS \\xxx\MyPackage.zip /GRANT Everyone:F
ICACLS \\xxx\MyPackage.zip /GRANT Users:F
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I prefer to use the /reset switch to re-inherit permissions. – Vertigo Sep 9 '13 at 15:51

Add in MSBuild .proj file:

<Exec Command="icacls "\\xxx\MyApp.zip" /grant User:F" ContinueOnError="true" />

a sequence of simple rights: F - full access M - modify access RX - read and execute access R - read-only access W - write-only access

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