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What I'd like to accomplish is something similar to this:

class Foo( val bar: String = "Hello!" ) extends MyTrait[ Foo ]

trait MyTrait[ T ] { self : T =>

Changing self : T to self : Foo obviously works, but MyTrait may extend another class that also has bar, so self : Foo isn't acceptable.

I'm probably going about this wrong, any ideas?

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I think, structural type is what you need:

trait MyTrait {
  self: { val bar: String } =>
 def showBar = bar

class Foo(val bar: String) extends MyTrait
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Hi, thank you for the response! Is it possible to expose the fields in Foo to MyTrait in Foo? –  aef Feb 24 '12 at 19:37
I am not quite understand your idea. I guess, your original solution with polymorphic trait was about it. My second guess, if you want more sophisticated (scala-way) dependency injection, take a look at subcut library. –  4e6 Feb 25 '12 at 7:43

It already works.

scala> trait Foo[A] { self: A =>
     | }
defined trait Foo

scala> class Meh extends Foo[Meh]
defined class Meh

scala> class Duh extends Foo[Meh]
<console>:36: error: illegal inheritance;
 self-type Duh does not conform to Foo[Meh]'s selftype Foo[Meh] with Meh
       class Duh extends Foo[Meh]


Sorry, I misunderstood the question. @4e6 is right. You need a structural type. A slight variation of his solution:

scala> trait Foo[A <: { def bar: String }] { self: A =>
     | }
defined trait Foo

scala> class Bar extends Foo[Bar] {
     |   def bar = ""
     | }
defined class Bar

scala> class Baz extends Foo[Baz]
<console>:35: error: type arguments [Baz] do not conform to trait Foo's type parameter bounds [A <: AnyRef{def bar: Stri
       class Baz extends Foo[Baz]
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