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How can I store button, listbox and other wxpython widgets in an array? My problem is something like this: I have a list such as list1=[a, b,c,d,....n]. I want to iterate through the first loop and use that as a label for by button. My approach was

for i in List1:

How can this be done?

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I think you wanted something like this:

for i in List1:

Note that when you loop over a list, the "i" is each item in the list, which in this case is a string. I would rename "i" to "lbl" to make it clearer what you're doing.

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I believe the problem is that you are writing

for i in List1

and then using

label = list1[i]

It should (I haven't tested it) work if you instead write

label = i

Keep in mind when you write

for i in list1

you are iterating over elements of the list, not the indices.

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