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What is the best python framework to create distributed applications? For example to build a P2P app.

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You could checkout pyprocessing which will be included in the standard library as of 2.6. It allows you to run tasks on multiple processes using an API similar to threading.

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I think you mean "Networked Apps"? Distributed means an app that can split its workload among multiple worker clients over the network.

You probably want. Twisted

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You probably want Twisted. There is a P2P framework for Twisted called "Vertex". While not actively maintained, it does allow you to tunnel through NATs and make connections directly between users in a very abstract way; if there were more interest in this sort of thing I'm sure it would be more actively maintained.

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You could download the source of BitTorrent for starters and see how they did it.


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bittorrent uses twisted. – Thomas Vander Stichele Sep 18 '08 at 21:46

If it's something where you're going to need tons of threads and need better concurrent performance, check out Stackless Python. Otherwise you could just use the SOAP or XML-RPC protocols. In response to Ben's post, if you don't want to look over the BitTorrent source, you could just look at the article on the BitTorrent protocol.

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