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I have a string which contain tags in the form < tag >. Is there an easy way for me to programmatically replace instances of these tags with special ascii characters? e.g. replace a tag like "< tab >" with the ascii equivelent of '/t'?

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string s = "...<tab>...";
s = s.Replace("<tab>", "\t");
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using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

Regex.Replace(s, "TAB", "\t");//s is your string and TAB is a tab.
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public static Regex regex = new Regex("< tab >", RegexOptions.CultureInvariant | RegexOptions.Compiled);
public static string regexReplace = "\t";
string result = regex.Replace(InputText,regexReplace);
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Regex patterns should do the trick.

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Any useful tutorials or code snippits? – TK. Sep 18 '08 at 16:47
I'm a big fan of Expresso to guide me through the tough ones. – ddc0660 Sep 18 '08 at 16:54

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