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Oh, what frustration. The supposedly XHTML-complient CKEditor can't actually be served as application/xhtml+xml, so I have to switch to text/html. Suddenly my pages start breaking all over the place.

I serve a well-formed HTML5 document that uses namespaces---in particular, the "example" namespace. Some elements have the "example:fooBar" attribute, but I see now that Chrome when reading a document as text/html converts all attributes to lowercase---grrr!!!

So I change the attribute to "example:foobar" and try element.getAttributeNS("http://example.com/ns", "foobar"). No luck. So I investigate the DOM, and Chrome 17 shows a "localName" of example:foobar. Ack! How hard can namespaces be? Shouldn't Chrome be using a local name of foobar? That is, after all, the local name; example is the namespace prefix!

Is this is Chrome bug? Do all browsers do screwy things like this?

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