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I made a python package using distutils that in its setup.py file, has:

setup(name = "foo",
      version = "0.2.1",

when I do:

import pkg_resources

I get 0.2 and not 0.2.1. Why is that? how can i get the full version? thank you.

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Can you post more code? Eg. is there anywhere you've specified '0.2'? I've checked the python packages docs (packages.python.org/distribute/…) and your code looks fine to me. –  Paragon Feb 24 '12 at 16:45

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pkg_resources looks for installed distributions in your Python installation. Have you re-ran python setup.py install or python setup.py develop after you’ve changed the version?

Try inspected the object returned by get_distribution for an attribute showing where the location is located on the file system; maybe foo is not installed where you think it is, and an older version is found instead.

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It looks like a bug to me. If the package was installed with distutils instead of setuptools, then pkg_resources.get_distribution() returns the oldest version installed.

The best way to fix it is to replace:

from distutils.core import setup


from setuptools import setup
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