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how to i play a song in a silverlight wp7 app?

i know how to do it in the xna framework with the MEdiaPlayer but i dont know how to make it in silverlight. it starte wicht the problem, that i dont know how to load the song as a content.

who can show me a code example?

in xna it looks like:

private void PlayMusic(Song song)
// Due to the way the MediaPlayer plays music,
// we have to catch the exception. Music will play when the game is not tethered
// Play the music

// Loop the currently playing song
MediaPlayer.IsRepeating = true;
catch { }
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If you are playing a Song from the phone media library the only way is with the MediaElement.

If you want to play an mp3 that your app has loaded, or stream one form online you can use the BackgroundAudioPlayer, MediaElement, or MediaPlayerLauncher

You can set the Source property of the MediaElement or the Media property of the MediaPlayerLauncher

If you want to use the BackgroundAudioPlayer, Microsoft has a lot of samples online for playing songs with the BackgroundAudioPlayer



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