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When I need to interpolate a String variable into a quoted string literal in the Eclipse java editor, I generally type "++" and eclipse usually inserts another " after the latter one, so I then have to go past it with arrow keys and then backspace to remove the duplicate, then go insert some spaces in between the "++" and type my variable name.

This seems like a lot of work. I have found Practically Macro, but I thought there might be something built in for this situation which is very common for me.

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Good question! +1 –  Matt Ball Feb 24 '12 at 19:18

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The most relevant built-in feature is maybe the "Pick out part of a string" quick assist:

  • insert a space (or anything else) where you want to add a variable,
  • select it,
  • press Ctrl+1,
  • select the "Pick out part of a string" quick assist,
  • insert your variable name.

Reference: "Pick out part of a string" section in this post.

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I'm not sure if this shortcut exists, try doing CTRL+SHIFT+L when the string is selected.

Also there is this link which has a whole bunch of nice keyboard shortcuts, I know it may not answer the question completely but maybe it'll get you one step closer. :)

Edit: In that link the "Ctrl-2 something" post looks promising.**

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