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Here's what I have:

   public interface IDataCenterMsmqWriter
      void UpdateData(Action<DataCenterWcfProxy> action);

System under test:

public class WcfService : IWcfService
    private readonly IDataCenterMsmqWriter _writer;

    public WcfService(IDataCenterMsmqWriter writer)
        _writer = writer;

    #region IWcfService members

    public void SendData(SomeData data)
        _writer.UpdateData(d => d.SendVarData(data));

    // other members of IWcfService elided

How do I test with Rhino Mocks setting the _writer as a Mock and want to test that the correct Action was called in the UpdateData method.

I've tried this:

// _writer is setup as a mock
var data = new SomeData();
_writer.AssertWasCalled(d => d.UpdateData(x => x.SendVarData(data));

doesn't work.

I can add the:

, p => p.IgnoreArguments() after the UpdateData inside the AssertWasCalled, but that does not give me what I want, to make sure SendVarData was called with the data variable.

I've looked at this:

Rhino Mocks- How to assert that an action was called

but my Action isn't mocked like mockDialogService in his example.

Is there a way to test if an Action or Func was called properly with the right input parameters, etc?

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Is DataCenterWcfProxy.SendVarData() a virtual method, or could you put an interface in place? – Jeroen Mar 2 '12 at 15:49
no it's just a public method on the interface that will serialize over WCF. – Mark W Mar 6 '12 at 21:59
It is an option to add an interface IDataCenterWcfProxy that gets implemented by DataCenterWcfProxy and used by the Update method of IDataCenterMsmqWriter? – Jeroen Mar 7 '12 at 7:43

The UpdateData should be virtual otherwise rhino mock can not overwrite method

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The best way to verify that an Action or Func was called with the correct parameters would be to use the .WhenCalled extension. An example can be found in the following Google groups discussion.

This example shows how to leverage the Expected vs. Actual output rather than expectations being met or not.

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