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I am working with a webview and would like to open a link which contains an anchor e.g:


On the webview it does not go to the reviews anchor? It just goes to the url without anchor.

I have a WebViewClient with my webview and none of the methods (onPageStarted, onPageFinished) which I override pick up the selection to the anchor page (i.e. reviews)? I select the review link (tab) and it highlights but with out going to that page/anchor?

Using Android browser or Dolphin HD they do not have a problem with the anchor?

Is there something which I need to enable with regards to anchors and a webview?

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I had such problem when my WebView was placed on ScrollView, in that case anchors didn't work. Check it.

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Not using ScrollView, so not related. –  user1231308 Feb 27 '12 at 9:28

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