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I am currently using this code to compile a standalone .app file of a MATLAB GUI on my mac:

mcc -m eotvos.m -a ./*

This works perfectly and I have a fully-functional mac executable. Is there a way to create a windows executable on my mac? I know that code works within MATLAB on windows. Is there a way to create a .exe file on my mac?

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As far as I am aware this is not possible. It is possible to cross compile between 32bit/64bit on the same OS but not between OS's. Though I cant find it explicitly in the docs at the moment. Will update if I do.

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Okay. Thank you so much for the help, dgorissen! I guess I will just have to use a PC to compile it. Thanks again, -Alex. –  Alex Nichols Feb 24 '12 at 18:46

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