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I have a Rad Grid View that I'm using to display some data and it may or may not contain child rows. I also implemented grouping with aggregate functions. Everything works right until I show the child grids. It throws an Index Out of Bounds Exception after expanding the child rows in this part of the code.

enter image description here

I also noticed that the columns are doubled when I expand one of the child rows.

Pic 1. Working all right

enter image description here

Pic 2. Doubled columns after expanding.

enter image description here

Any ideas if gropuing with child rows is supported? I did not see any example in Telerik's web page.

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Does the sample Hierachy/Self-Reference Hierarchy do what you want? – Phil Feb 28 '12 at 18:09
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It turned out I had an error with my code. Since the grid columns are populated dynamically through the code, I was running the grouping code in the initialization of the children grid.

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