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A companion object for a trait in Scala has no visibility problems in Scala:

trait ProtocolPacket extends Serializable {    
  def toByteArray: Array[Byte]

object ProtocolPacket {
  def getStreamType( streamBytes: Array[Byte] ) = {
    // ...

However on Java side (e.g. gets the above in a jar), a ProtocolPacket.getStreamType is not visible. In fact a (decompiled by IDEA) source does not have a getStreamType method defined for a ProtocolPacket


I found similar hits on SO regarding Companion$MODULE$, but was tricked by IDEA :) as shown below:

enter image description here

The above compiles and runs fine (shell and/or IDEA itself), in case anybody else gets trapped.

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What does it look like in javap? –  Viruzzo Feb 24 '12 at 18:32

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Looking at javap output you will find:

$ javap ProtocolPacket
public interface ProtocolPacket extends scala.Serializable{
    public abstract byte[] toByteArray();

and companion object:

$ javap ProtocolPacket$
public final class ProtocolPacket$ extends java.lang.Object implements scala.ScalaObject,scala.Serializable{
    public static final ProtocolPacket$ MODULE$;
    public static {};
    public void getStreamType(byte[]);
    public java.lang.Object readResolve();

this makes me believe in Java you can write:

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I think it's ProtocolPacket$.MODULE$.getStreamType() in Java but I haven't double checked.

See also How do you call a Scala singleton method from Java?.

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