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I wanna use jqGrid inline(row) edit, but how can I put "Edit", "Cancel", "Save"and "Delete" buttons besides every row.

There's a example in officaill website about how to put "Edit", "Cancel" and "Save" buttons for inline(row) edit, I tried to put delete button, but it doesn't work. How can I do it? thx

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Did you manage to figure out what puts the buttons there inline? Is it JavaScript-code? And where in the JavaScript does this happen? –  Natrium Jun 3 '09 at 9:11
As Natrium suggested, it helps when you post a question if you show an example of the code you've tried that doesn't work. –  Adam Dec 6 '11 at 8:03

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     colModel:[ .... , { 
        name: "actions", 
        formatter: "actions", 
        editable: false, 
        sortable: false, 
        resizable: false, 
        fixed: true, 
        formatoptions: {keys: true, delbutton:true}}

This will put inline edit buttons at the end of each row

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where can i format these buttons? I have row spans on my rows and so I don't want a button for each row. i want the rowspans to applied instead. Any idea where that can be applied? –  icedek Sep 17 '13 at 16:37

please go to http://www.trirand.com/jqgrid/jqgrid.html# check every link specially Live Data Manipulation and custom edit link ...

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Can you show the code that didn't work?

The function to delete a row is delGridRow - it has grid in the name, unlike editRow, saveRow, restoreRow.

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