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This is the post cart method that I am using:

public CheckoutRedirect submit(CreateOrderRequest sku) {
       CartPoster cartPoster = context.cartPoster();
        CartPoster.CheckoutShoppingCartBuilder cartBuilder = cartPoster.makeCart();

        Money unitPrice = new Money();
        unitPrice.setValue(new BigDecimal(sku.getPrice()));

        String platformId = sku.getPlatformId().toString();

        AnyMultiple merchantPrivateData = new AnyMultiple();

        MerchantCheckoutFlowSupport merchantCheckoutFlowSupport = new MerchantCheckoutFlowSupport();
        CheckoutShoppingCart.CheckoutFlowSupport checkoutFlowSupport = new CheckoutShoppingCart.CheckoutFlowSupport();


        DigitalContent digitalcontent = new DigitalContent();

        Item item = new Item();


        CheckoutShoppingCart checkoutShoppingCart = cartBuilder.build();
        return cartPoster.postCart(checkoutShoppingCart);

This works fine and will output xml as this:

<checkout-shopping-cart xmlns="http://checkout.google.com/schema/2">
                    <description>Description Goes Here</description>
                <item-name>Product Name</item-name>
                <item-description>Product Description Goes Here</item-description>
                <unit-price currency="USD">4.95</unit-price>

You will notice <merchant-private-data>1000</merchant-private-data> If you look at the XML api tag reference for this element: http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/developer/Google_Checkout_XML_API_Tag_Reference.html#tag_merchant-private-data

It states that this is a container for any well formed xml sequence and shows an example with an element within this:

   <merchant-note>my order number 76543</merchant-note>

When adding the the List member in AnyMultiple, its stated that it will accept a String (as in the case I have shown) or an Element. My problem is that I cannot for the life of me, add an Element to this list without encountering marshaling errors.

I want to create:


Also, I am rather new to writing Java code. Has anyone been successful in doing this using this API?

Thanks in advance.

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Am not a Java dev (am .Net), so forgive my ignorance ~

You'll have to programmatically create an XML element and its value/inner text and insert/add it.

This wouldn't be part of the Google Checkout API, it would be the XML framework that handles the (de)serilialization you are already using - e.g. in .Net Framework this would be System.XML

I know it's not as helpful as can be, so I hope this at least gives you a place to look/start.

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