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A little background.

In my environment we have a large number small .NET solutions each in their own Subversion repositories (500+). We not a TFS shop and are currently evaluating moving our home grown CI process to TeamCity.

Instead of having these 500+ repos polling our Subversion server every 5-10 minutes or so I'd like to kick off a Project build via a post-commit-hook REST http call (as our current solution does). I would then want TeamCity to update from SVN and commence the build process. Is this possible?

I see TeamCity has a REST API, just that the documentation is sparse. I'm not sure how this example ties to anything I've got configured. What is bt7? How does it tie to the projects I've configured?

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Queuing a build via REST api will be available in TeamCity 8.1 (according to TeamCity Issue Tracker). – botchniaque Dec 15 '13 at 22:59
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bt7 is your buildTypeId which is a unique ID for each build configuration (job). Each project can have many build configurations.

If you click into a project and then click into a specific build configuration, your URL will be something like...


If you want to queue up a build configuration to run, just find out its buildTypeId by looking at the URL and then you can probably try running it by hitting the URL you used.

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Now that I've got the build type id, I need to make the call. It doesn't seem like passing credentials is working correctly. The 'username:password@buildserver:8111/httpAuth/…; isn't kicking it off. – ZaChickster Feb 27 '12 at 15:49
I am not sure how you will need to set up the HttpAuth to work properly with a URL like that. Try using HTTPS maybe? If that doesn't work, maybe start another question, or do some Googling... – Jesse Webb Feb 27 '12 at 19:33
Thanks for the help. I have gotten it to work. I thought I posted another comment to that fact but I must not have submitted it correctly. I've also verified that when kicking off a new build, it polls SVN for the latest changes. All is well. – ZaChickster Feb 27 '12 at 20:57

bt7 is a build type identifier. Each build configuration has one. You can get the full list using the rest api as follows


You can also see the build type in the url if you click any of the build configurations on your team city page. You will see a url parameter such as buildTypeId=bt7

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