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I have a Popup that contains a "close" button. The popup is opened by a toggle button (its IsOpen property is bound to a ToggleButton as provided by this answer). How can I close the popup when the button is pressed? This is my XAML:

<Canvas x:Name="LayoutRoot">
    <ToggleButton x:Name="ToggleButton"
            Style="{DynamicResource ToggleButtonStyle}" Height="51" Canvas.Left="2.999" Width="50.333" IsHitTestVisible="{Binding ElementName=Popup, Path=IsOpen, Mode=OneWay, Converter={StaticResource BoolInverter}}"/>
    <Popup x:Name="Popup" IsOpen="{Binding IsChecked, ElementName=ToggleButton}" StaysOpen="False" AllowsTransparency="True">
        <Canvas Height="550" Width="550">
            <Grid Height="500" Width="500" Canvas.Left="25" Canvas.Top="25" d:LayoutOverrides="Width, Height, Margin">
                    <DropShadowEffect BlurRadius="15" ShadowDepth="0"/>
                    <RowDefinition Height="0.132*"/>
                    <RowDefinition Height="0.868*"/>
                <Rectangle x:Name="Background" Fill="#FFF4F4F5" Margin="0" Stroke="Black" RadiusX="6" RadiusY="6" Grid.RowSpan="2"/>
                <Border x:Name="TitleBar" BorderThickness="1" Height="70" VerticalAlignment="Top" Margin="0,0.5,0,0" CornerRadius="5">
                        <TextBlock TextWrapping="Wrap" Text="FOOBAR POPUP TITLE" FontSize="24" FontFamily="Arial Narrow" Margin="17,0,0,0" d:LayoutOverrides="Height" VerticalAlignment="Center" FontWeight="Bold"/>
                        <Button x:Name="CloseButton" Content="Button" VerticalAlignment="Center" DockPanel.Dock="Right" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Margin="0,0,13,0" Style="{DynamicResource CloseButtonStyle}"/>
                <Border BorderThickness="1" Height="413" Grid.Row="1" Background="#FF2F2F2F" Margin="12">
                    <Rectangle Fill="#FFF4F4F5" RadiusY="6" RadiusX="6" Stroke="Black" Margin="12"/>
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A better approach than code behind is to use an event trigger on the button click event:

        <EventTrigger RoutedEvent="Button.Click">
                    <BooleanAnimationUsingKeyFrames Storyboard.TargetProperty="IsChecked" Storyboard.TargetName="ToggleButton">
                        <DiscreteBooleanKeyFrame KeyTime="0:0:0" Value="False" />

Disclaimer: I haven't run this code through VS so it might have a typo or 2

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This is interesting (as I prefer XAML-only solution), but it throws an exception: "InvalidOperationException: Cannot resolve all property references in the property path 'IsOpen'. Verify that applicable objects support the properties." –  user46874 Feb 24 '12 at 20:29
What is the exception? –  Steve Greatrex Feb 24 '12 at 20:30
(edited my comment) –  user46874 Feb 24 '12 at 20:31
Try replacing IsOpen to ToggleButton.IsOpen. Unfortunately I can't check the behaviour without an IDE! –  Steve Greatrex Feb 24 '12 at 20:33
Actually, replacing IsOpen with IsChecked works (to unpress the ToggleButton causing the Popup to close via the property binding). Thanks! (please update your answer) :) –  user46874 Feb 24 '12 at 20:37

One way of doing it is to add event handler for your CloseButton:

<Button x:Name="CloseButton" Click="OnButtonClick" Content="Button" VerticalAlignment="Center" DockPanel.Dock="Right" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Margin="0,0,13,0" Style="{DynamicResource CloseButtonStyle}"/>

And in OnButtonClick event handler set state of your

TuggleButton.IsChecked = false;

I have't tested code in VS, so there might be some typos

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