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 <ul id="accordion">
    <a href="#" class="item popular" rel="popular"></a>
    <ul id="inchat" class="list_friends">
        <li class="ch0"><img src="img/49992_720384020_1896998575_q.jpg" /></li>
        <li class="ch1"><img src="img/48983_615523712_8495_q.jpg" /></li>
        <li class="ch2"><img src="img/41621_717814907_4472_q.jpg" /></li>
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    <ul id="inchannel">
        <li class="icha0"><img  src="img/41403_1434825607_37944358_q.jpg"></li>
        <li class="icha1"><img  src="img/48983_615523712_8495_q.jpg"></li>
        <li class="icha2"><img  src="img/41621_717814907_4472_q.jpg"></li>
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    <ul id="online">
            <li class="ol0"><img src="img/49992_720384020_1896998575_q.jpg">Francois</li>
        <li class="ol1"><img src="img/48983_615523712_8495_q.jpg"></li>
        <li class="ol2"><img src="img/41621_717814907_4472_q.jpg"></li>
      <li class="ol3"><img src="img/370719_1533516291_84180615_q.jpg"></li>
        <li class="ol4"><img src="img/49057_584817416_4750_q.jpg"></li>
      <li class="ol5"><img src="img/41516_6421779_7771_q.jpg">Houston</li>
      <li class="ol6"><img src="img/370579_100003045138812_21247034_q.jpg"></li>
        <li class="ol7"><img src="img/41403_1434825607_37944358_q.jpg"></li>
        <li class="ol8"><img src="img/275282_701018_1327443121_q.jpg"></li>


I wonder how to make vertical scroller in Jquery I want to display three lists and when you hit a up or down button it pushes one list up or down Thank you very much

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What have you tried? SO isn't a place to come to ask people to do work for you. –  j08691 Feb 24 '12 at 19:54

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Here is a quick solution without vertical effects (which you can work on):

Without reinventing the wheel, you can always find plugins that already do this, like this one:
Example : http://tympanus.net/codrops/2011/07/22/vertical-sliding-accordion/
Source and tutorial : http://tympanus.net/Development/VerticalSlidingAccordion/example5.html

I hope it helps.


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