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I've seen many videos of people working with xcode 4+ in which they can drag/drop objects onto their views with no problem (e.g @2:20 I, on the other hand, have to select the View Controller of interest, and zoom in a crazy amount before I can drag/drop objects onto it (until I can't see anything but background of UIView)

I can't seem to find any preference for this (or information on it), so thought I might ask here. Does anyone know how to change this?

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Was trying at least an hour to drag anything at all into my view. Thanks for the solution -- zooming way, way in. – justin w Mar 12 '12 at 12:11
I have the exact same problem and came up with the same solution as you, but even then I ended up in a situation where it doesn't accept drag/drops and it gives absolutely no explanation as to why. – Greg Smalter Mar 25 '12 at 18:50

No there is no way of changing this. You have to zoom the view to one view controller to be able to drag and drop controls.

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ah, here we are two years later and XCode 5.1 exhibits the same behavior.

Double click anywhere on the storyboard - the editor will zoom to the correct level for placing objects.

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The Storyboard view has to be at 100% in order to add elements. This is a limitation of the Storyboard implementation. You can get the ViewController you are working on to zoom and center by double-clicking on it's icon in the bottom bar under it.

File a bug/feature request to Apple

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You have to zoom in first but instead of using the zoom+ and zoom- buttons, simple double click on the particular view controller and it will just to the required size for dragging objects.

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