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I tried Matlab and the net to find an answer but in vain so I need your help I have used the code below to find number of occurrences of the letters in an array;

characterCell = {'a' 'b' 'b' 'a' 'b' 'd' 'c' 'c'};  %# Sample cell array 
matchCell = {'a' 'b' 'c' 'd' 'e'};                  %# Letters to count      
[~,index] = ismember(characterCell,matchCell);  %# Find indices in matchCell 
counts = accumarray(index(:),1,[numel(matchCell) 1]);  %# Accumulate indices 
results = [matchCell(:) num2cell(counts)] `

results =

'a'    [2] 
'b'    [3] 
'c'    [2] 
'd'    [1] 
'e'    [0] 

Now I need to get which letter has the highest occurrence How to know the index?

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The index is the second output of the function max.

So you should do:

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what is the first output of function max? – pac Feb 24 '12 at 21:26
It's the value of the maximum. – Oli Feb 24 '12 at 21:26

The mode function tells you the most frequent value.

mostCommonLetter = mode(matchCell[:]);
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something wrong in this line. Sorry it is not working – pac Feb 25 '12 at 11:07

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