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I've run into this problem a few times and have solutions for it, but none that I like. Consider having a class like:

public class MyData
     public List<string> Values = new List<string>();


Let's say that I always want Values to have at least one value,and this value should be "Default". The constructor might be:

public MyData()

That guarantees that new instances will always have at least the "Default" entry. The problem is if I XmlSerialize a new instance, it will serialize with the "Default" value in Values. That by itself is okay, but when when I deserialize it, the Default value gets added in my constructor, then once again through the deserialization, causing a duplicate value for "Default".

Like I mentioned above, I have done special things like making Load and Save methods that do the serialization internally and check for duplicates but that could be dangerous if someone serializes/deserializes the instance without passing through those methods. Has anyone ever encountered this problem before? Are there standard ways to solve it?

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