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I need to create reoprt in ssrs like the pivot table in MS Excel.enter image description here

Above the screen shot of my requirement,I am very much confused this time . Please provide some guidlines ,resources and links where i find the needfull help.

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The SSRS equivalent of an Excel Pivot table is called a Matrix - in SSRS 2008, both conventional table reports and matrixes are essentially the same thing (as described in the answers to this question).

You can find out more about using matrixes in reports on Microsoft's site, such as this article describing Table, Matrix and List objects, or this article that describes how to add a matrix to a report.

Alternatively, there are plenty of other resources on the web - here are a couple of the links returned by googling "matrix ssrs".

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I am able to create the report layout and also drill down features.But here is a problem I am facing ,when I export the report to excel the show and hide of drill down is not working ...<br>What should I have to do??? – Vikram SE Mar 16 '12 at 17:43

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