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I am not running jenkins through tomcat; I am instead running it as... I don't really know. I installed it through yum, and I run it.

I pay for the development of around fifty small java applications, with at most three being built at a time.

I've been using GitHub to keep all my developers in touch with eachother, and it has been working great. Only now, I've made some repos private - and Jenkins can no longer access them. I have attempted to give it SSH keys; I did this by using "ssh-keygen" as root, authenticated with "ssh -T git@github.com", and then copied all files (Public, private, and known hosts) to /var/lib/jenkins/.ssh.

I thought this would be enough to allow Jenkins access to my organizations private repos (I own it, and I added the public key to my GitHub account) - but that does not seem to be sufficient.

Where was it I went wrong?

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You published the keys to the corresponding github repositories? –  KingCrunch Feb 24 '12 at 23:25
I'm attempting to authorize Jenkins as my own GitHub account, which owns the organization that hosts the private repos. Should work, right? –  Asphodan Feb 25 '12 at 0:30

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The issue was that I was not properly giving Jenkins SSH authentication.

I had to edit /etc/passwd, and give it shell access (Changing /false to /bash),

& su jenkins


Open up the new .pub file, paste that into github, and then all was well.

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