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Below is a very paired down example of what I am trying to achieve

public class CoolClass<T>
    public static void DoSomethingCool()
        // Insert cool generic stuff here.
        List<T> coolList = new List<T>();

public class OtherClass
    public Action ReturnActionBasedOnStaticGenericMethodForType(Type type)
        // Ideally this would just be
        return CoolClass<type **insert magic**>.DoSomethingCool

I know if the type is known I can do following and it will return System.Action

return CoolClass<string>.DoSomethingCool

I know if all I wanted to do was invoke the method I can do

Type baseType = typeof(CoolClass<>);
Type[] typeArguments = new [] {type}
Type constructedType = baseType.MakeGenericType(typeArguments);
MethodInfo method = constructedType.GetMethod("DoSomethingCool");

I maybe down the wrong path all together. It seems like I am trying go get method to be a reference to DoSomethingCool method. I am wishing for something like (Action) method.

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You're nearly there - you just need Delegate.CreateDelegate:

Action action = (Action) Delegate.CreateDelegate(typeof(action), null, method);
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Ahh, so close. I did realize that if I created another static method called GetDoSomethingCool, for example, that returned the DoSomethingCool that would also work. Your solution is more elegant. –  btlog Feb 24 '12 at 22:42

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